Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bonus: Teaching Tip #1

Several years ago I began compiling a list of helpful hints for teachers.  Now, presumptuous as it might be of me to think that teachers could possibly benefit from anything I might have to say about teaching, I boldly began my list.  (At the very least, I could refer to it from time-to-time as a reminder of the teacher I was hoping to be!)

Recently, my laptop containing this list was stolen.  Yeppers!  Someone thought my poor Macbook would be better served in their possession.  Contained in the documents folder of said Macbook was my list.  (Hopefully, it was backed up along with everything else, but I didn't think of it until just this moment.  I'll check it when I get home.)

This list contains things, stuff, and random goodness for assisting teachers promote not only student success, but also research-based and data-driven proof of how to be a better educator!  (presses tongue into side of cheek)

Tip #1:  Take the 2-3 seconds required and greet every single individual in each class you teach every day!  (That's 130 students x 5(rounded up)=650 seconds/60 seconds=10.8 minutes---Heck!  Call it no more than 11 minutes out  of your entire day.)  The time spent greeting students while on duty counts as well!  You can subtract these students from the required 2-3 second greeting, but why not just greet them again?  Make it fun.  "Didn't I just see you?"  Come on...You know you like when fellow adults make these connections, right?  Remember:  You are cultivating relationships with students in order for them to grow as human beings while in your care.  You are a steward of these children.  A shepherd watching over a flock.  Call it what you will.  As teachers, we have a profound and lasting impact on our students.  Your kindness may be the only kindness these students receive all day.  Make it count!


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