Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day #12: Early morning

Well...not too early.  Just wanted to check in with a quick blog.  Today, we're testing.  In our district we give benchmark assessments three times during the school year.  Today, my students will be completing math.  Depending on your view of standardized testing, this is either good or not so much.  I don't mind it.  If it's used as strictly a benchmark to assess current knowledge, then it's okay.  Our scores will be used to determine part of our evaluation for career ladder, though.  It's only one component, but we're closer and closer to retaining teachers based on testing.  Our district has always seemed fair to me--maybe more so than they needed to be.  I'm a reflector by nature--especially when it concerns my teaching--so when the end of the year is here, I tend to be fairly tough on my teaching year.  To this point, I've done okay in the district.  I've set the bar high for myself this year and confirmed the high bar with colleagues over drinks.  In the end, student success is the goal, but I'd really like to set the standard for achievement just once in my career!


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