Monday, August 23, 2010

Day #11: Heat Advisory

Have you experienced summers in Arizona?  For many of my friends who live here, 3-digit temps are common place through September and sometimes well into October.  The app on my computer says it's currently 107° in Phoenix proper.  This is fairly hot in my opinion.  While most of my teaching time is spent indoors enjoying a well air conditioned room, the few minutes between classes when I'm awaiting my students is downright nasty!  In addition to the 107° heat right now, we are the proud recipients of humidity.  Fellow Okies, we feel your constant pain.  At least it cools off when the sun goes down in Oklahoma.  Not so here in Phoenix.  I have experienced a temperature of 113° at 11:00 PM.  That was the 1st full week I lived in Arizona.  It took almost three months for me to acclimate.  I'm not sure how anyone lives here in the summer.  Sure, it costs money to live elsewhere, but isn't it worth it for nicer weather?  Maybe we could have a reverse school year that mimics my lovely reverse commute to work.  Our winter break could be for 2.5 months between December and February.  Maybe then we could afford to do something.  It's so much cheaper to live here in the winter.  Our utility bills are less than half what they are in the summer.  Imagine that!  A teacher who can survive an extended break, pay all the bills ahead of schedule, and travel!  Maybe I should propose this to someone...Hmmmm...

Anyway--We have suffered a heat advisory all but a couple of days this school year.  Our kids are required to stay inside for lunch.  I have to practice soccer in the gym tomorrow in order to practice at all.  They might just go a little crazy in the next few days. 

Bring on the cool weather!!!


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